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Updated: Sep 10, 2021

2019 was also a fantastic year for The Maestro & The European Pop Orchestra.

Also this year we were allowed to participate again during the beautiful TROUW event of broadcaster MAXX. This fantastic Christmas concert took place in the large church in The Hague. Well-known guest artists such as Maan and Wibi Soerjadi were also present.

This year we were allowed to be part of the grand opening of Keukenhof in Lisse for the first time. The Keukenhof is a flower park northwest of Lisse in South Holland. Since 2014, it has attracted more than a million visitors from all over the world every year. Together with several well-known Dutch artists, The Maestro & The European Pop Orchestra turned it into a wonderful opening party.

The highlight of this year was of course our spectacular open-air concerts on the Markt in Kerkrade. Our guest artists were none other than The Ten Tenors from Australia and our VoXXClub friends from Germany. Just like in previous years, the weather gods were more than kind to us and both the public on the square and the public on the terraces could enjoy a wonderful evening, filled with wonderful music! Pop meets classic at its best!

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